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Domestic Relations / Family Law

Family matters can arise under a variety of different circumstances. While Divorce may be the most common, an attorney can assist with related matters such as; child custody, support, visitation, separation, dissolution and grandparent’s rights.

Basic Divorce Law

Getting a divorce can have serious long-term effects on those involved both emotionally and legally. If you and your spouse are contemplating separation, there is a variety of decisions you will have to make. A divorce judgement (the legal document that will dissolve your marriage) will address property division, child custody and support issues. If the parties involved can agree on these issues ahead of time, the entire process will be much smoother. Your attorney can discuss your legal rights and the best ways to pursue resolution in the event that you and your spouse cannot agree.

Custody Issues for Married and Unmarried Parents

You may have a custody case even if you and the child’s other parent are unmarried. Custody issues, regardless of marital status are decided by the court factoring in what is in the best interest of the child. Custody consists of both physical and legal components that the court will determine what is best for the child based on many factors such as providing basic needs and emotional well-being, just to name a few. It can often be difficult for parents to separate their feelings toward the other parent from what is in the child’s best interest. Your attorney is equipped to discuss these strategies with you.

Other Types of Family Law

After a divorce is finalized, couples may have disputes that need to be addressed through the courts. Circumstances may have changed regarding the custody arrangement or the financial support awarded might not correspond with what is happening today. In this event you may need to return to court for resolution. Our attorneys can prepare and file a motion on your behalf and walk you through the next steps if a hearing should be necessary.

Grandparent’s Rights is another area where our attorneys can assist you. Great deference is given to the wishes of the child’s parents, however under certain circumstances, a grandparent may be able to intervene in court and seek an order allowing visitation, if it was previously denied by the custodial parent.